About Advertisements and Affiliates

Parts of my website which are advertisements

There are two forms that advertisements will take within the posts on this website:

  1. Banners

    You may see that some posts will have banners after the content. While I try keep these relevant to the content, these are advertisements.

    Generally these are banners which I’ll make myself in order to be best tailored for the content.

  2. Affiliate links within posts

    Where integrating an advertiser does not change the content of what I’ve written about, some links to products and services may be affiliate codes which will earn me money.

How I’m remunerated for advertisements

My ads are are all affiliate based rather than paid per click or impression. So, I’ll only get paid if you sign up for the product or service that has been advertised.

This could be as a percentage of the product/service or some one off amount - it all depends on the product/service.

My guidelines for advertisements

To keep myself in check, I’ve come up with some guidelines which I’ll stick to for advertisements on this site.

  1. Advertisements must not track or follow the user.

  2. Advertisements must not move or make sound.

  3. Advertisements must not interrupt the reading experience.

  4. Advertisements must be for products/services which I use or would use.

  5. Advertisements must not deceive or lie to the user.